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This track design is simply named Zamperla Mini. It's been made from a CTR and was built as a challenge in the park used in this article to see if I could get a fun coaster that I liked into an already existing small space, which reminded me of my days with RCT1.

Demo Screenshot Image 01, My Downloads - Coasters, Rides, & Attractions - Coaster: Zamperla Mini

The very first track I built with this coaster type completely lacked any integration between the times that the cars turned during their journey in relation to the direction of the track. This is about the third time I've built with this track type and I'd been wanting to learn how to integrate the direction of the car turns seamlessly into the track's design, something I've succeeded in doing with this track. Unnoticeable until it's ridden as a POV, the different track levels are built a little closer to each other than they'd be in real life but it has great EI&N ratings and the guests like to ride on it.

Demo Screenshot Image 02, My Downloads - Coasters, Rides, & Attractions - Coaster: Zamperla Mini

Demo Screenshot Image 03, My Downloads - Coasters, Rides, & Attractions - Coaster: Zamperla Mini

Zamperla Mini Specifications:







Maximum Speed

25mp/h (40km/h)

Average Speed

15mp/h (25km/h)

Chain Lift Speed

11mp/h (18km/h)

Ride Time

1 minute

Ride Length

1,475ft (450m)

Maximum Positive Vertical G's


Maximum Negative Vertical G's


Maximum Lateral G's


Total 'Air' Time




Number of Inversions


Highest Drop Height

15ft (5m)


7 x 10

Cost to Build


Track Type


Cinipaes Zamperla Twister ML03

While I can appreciate the huge amount of work that must have gone into creating an ML03-type CTR it is a shame that it's missing the supports. Perhaps it was not possible to include in-game supports with a track type that includes parts that are configured into shapes that did not come installed with RCT3.

This sweet little coaster can be downloaded through the link below.