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After having deleted the guest injection point and park entrance from our park, some time later we often we find ourselves in the position of wanting to replace them. When restoring, moving, and swapping the guest injection point & park entrance it's helpful to keep in mind some of the basics:


The park land may be owned or not owned.


The path on which you place your park entrance or guest injection point may be on the terrain or suspended off the ground.


It does not matter if the park entrance is or is not near the edge of the park map.


Park entrances and guest injection points do not need to be placed at or near the end of a path.


The Park Entrances menu only displays in Scenario Editor.


The guest generation point only displays in the Park Entrances menu.


Belgabor’s Invisible Park Entrance only displays in the Park Entrances menu.


In-game guest generation points that are already placed in the park are only visible in Scenario Editor mode.

In view of points 5 to 8 it is clear that we can only restore or swap a park entrance when we're in Scenario Editor.

Although placing an invisible park entrance is more user friendly than placing one that comes with the game, to ensure success with your park entrance replacement it’s best to begin with an in-game park entrance. After you’ve gotten a feel for how you should place the visible entrance you can then delete the visible park entrance and replace with the invisible one.

To place our park entrance you’ll find the necessary menu here in Scenario Editor. Select the Scenery menu, and then the Park Entrances menu.

Image 01, RCT3 FAQ, Setting Up And Switching Your Park Entrance, Page 1

Image 02, RCT3 FAQ, Setting Up And Switching Your Park Entrance, Page 1

Park entrances and the guest injection point can be found here in the same menu.

Image 03, RCT3 FAQ, Setting Up And Switching Your Park Entrance, Page 1

The Guest Injection Point

This handy item is necessary to get your guests to enter the park at a specific place. That place can either be within the park entrance, or some distance away on a connecting path. Any number of guest injection points can be placed on any path in your park.

The guest injection point will not work if a park entrance has not also been placed in the park. It is possible to have several functioning guest injection points along with one park entrance in our parks. However, in such a park, after they are generated these guests will all head for the paypoint in the single park entrance that's been placed, and will remain outside your park until they reach the paypoint.

If one deletes only the guest injection points from the park, then guests will appear at random along the path system throughout your park and, except for their appearance, the park entrances will serve no use.

Likewise, you’ll end up with guest injection points that don’t function along with guests that appear at random about your paths if one deletes the park entrances from the park and leaves only the guest injection points in place.

The number one cause of our community’s inability to restore the guest injection point is insufficient awareness of the number of things that need to be exactly right in order to achieve this. While it is occasionally possible to achieve a working guest injection point/park entrance setup without some of these factors being just so, if your guest injection point isn’t working you should know all the necessary requirements beforehand so that you can get things sorted.

Most of us know that the guest generation point only places on paths. What some of us are not aware of is if the path has been created directly on terrain and if that terrain is the slightest bit uneven, when placed there the guest generation point can lift slightly from the increment and give the appearance that it’s been placed directly onto the terrain although it might not be. If the terrain there is uneven enough the guest injection point will suspend off the ground by one meter. While they don’t usually, suspended guest injection points have been observed at times to generate guests as they should.

Depending on your version of RCT3,your operating system, and anything that might have taken place on that terrain beforehand, when placed on uneven terrain occasionally the guest injection point will suspend above the ground not lined up with the 1m increment At a time like that it might level out at, say, 1/2m above the ground. A guest injection point at this level is not likely to work properly.

Proper Placement

To be sure your injection point is placed properly on the terrain you can either prepare the terrain by yourself snapping it to the increment (terrain tools: snap terrain tiles in increments for rides and scenery), or you can hold down ALT while placing it. ALT will cut the terrain to the 1m increment and all you’d need to do after placing the injection point is to smooth the surrounding terrain with other terrain tools of your choice. Alternatively, using ALT + CTRL will auto-remove those exposed terrain tile edges for you at the same time as cutting the terrain to the 1m increment.

When placing the guest injection point it can be rotated to face in the desired direction but the direction of the arrow isn’t important because the guests will turn and head in the direction they need to once they’ve arrived.

The guest generation point will place on suspended paths without any issue. Whether directly on terrain or on a suspended path, it is best placed after the park entrance has been placed because most park entrances won’t place if the path or the guest injection point is already there. It is best to have already designed your suspended path and to have it in place before placing your suspended park entrance so you’ll know for sure that the desired elevation of the park entrance will match the elevation of your suspended path.

Of course, one should always double check that the guest injection point is working properly after it has been placed. When it’s not working you’ll find the guests are only flashing into and out of view at the injection point without its actually adding any guests to your park. At the same time you'll observe that guests are generating at random about your paths.

Restoring The Park Entrance

The park entrance can be raised to meet any suspended path system without the terrain below needing to be flat or at the 1m increment.

When placing the park entrance directly on terrain, if you want to avoid any issues with supports showing beneath you should raise all three terrain tiles to the 1m increment in preparation of its placement. To correctly restore your park entrance directly on terrain refer to the sub-header Proper Placement a few paragraphs back in this article.

While a few of the in-game park entrances place directly on paths, most will need a path square deleted at the point where you want to place it so that it may be placed there, and then the path square replaced. This list and the following images may be helpful.

Park entrances that place on existing paths or on terrain:


Adventure-Themed (Wood Fort)

Park entrances that only place directly on terrain:

Adventure-Themed (Snake)

Main Entrance








Image 04, RCT3 FAQ, Setting Up And Switching Your Park Entrance, Page 1

Image 05, RCT3 FAQ, Setting Up And Switching Your Park Entrance, Page 1

As mentioned earlier the guest injection point can be placed either in the same place as the park entrance, or several tiles away; while operating your park you will be unable to tweezer and move any park guests who have arrived at your park from the injection point while they are walking along that path and have not yet reached the paypoint in the park entrance. Conversely, guests may be given a cheat name as soon as they appear, even while they are outside your park. A very long walkway between the guest injection point and the park entrance can be awkward, as seen in the Campaign scenario La-La Land.

In situations where there is owned land on one side of the park entrance in addition to land not owned by the park on the other side of the park entrance, when the injection point/park entrance is set up this arrangement will double as a no entry sign. Your guests will be barred from walking outside of your park through the park entrance towards the guest injection point associated with that park entrance, until the guest is flagged as ‘going home’ or until the park is closed.

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