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Green Tom Tom has created a Garden Hedge flat ride that's just like the garden hedge we knew and loved in RCT2. This flat ride is GTT's first innovative CFR which got park guests walking off the grid.

The download comes as two files.

GTT's Hedge Maze Master

GTT's Hedge Maze Slave

Once this ride has been installed it can be found in the Gentle Rides menu in your game and will require a space of 7 x 7 terrain tiles.

GTT's Hedge Maze Master will allow 11 guests per ride. It comes with a log cabin-style observation tower. Rather than the park guests simply transporting from the ground to the observation deck they'll climb the observation tower stairs and will take a few moments to enjoy the view from the tower once they've reached the top. When they’re done enjoying the view they'll climb back down the stairs and go through the maze again to leave the ride.

More than one guest can use the observation tower at any one time.

GTT's Hedge Maze Slave will allow 8 guests per ride (four benches each seating two park guests). The Slave CFR comes with a blue ghost line-up triangle which will indicate which way it needs to be turned in order to line up with the maze entrance.

It is possible to place the Slave in your park independently of the Master. However, if the slave is placed separately in your park, because the guests follow the path of the maze hedge that comes with the master you'd need to build your own maze either with the Importer or with existing CSO's.

The Master CFR and the Slave CFR can be placed in the same spot in your park because GTT has removed collision detection while creating these CFR's. If a master and slave are placed together, e.g., so as to have the observation tower and also have the maze benches all in the same maze, the master/slave combo will need two entrances and two exits, one set each for the master and for the slave. This will give you a hedge maze that will allow 19 guests per ride (11 Master CFR guests and 8 Slave CFR guests).

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