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Most of the images presented on this website can be viewed in a larger version. On occasion we include a note that a particularly large image should be hovered over or clicked on so that the site visitor may easily see that larger version.

Image 01, About Us: Viewing Full-Sized Images On This Website

Our standard images which aren’t quite so large don’t have such notations added. These images and most images on other websites may be viewed in their larger sizes by right clicking on the image and selecting the option to view.

We can recommend two XPI extensions for Firefox that open the full-sized image on another webpage in the same tab but give additional image viewing possibilities. Both extensions can be installed directly into Firefox from their extensions library. Both can be used after right clicking on the image and selecting View Image:

Better Image Viewer

This add-on places an image toolbar to the left of the image. Using the toolbar, images can be zoomed in, zoomed out, or displayed in their natural size. There are a couple of additional options which can be set up when you open the toggle to Manage Better Image Viewer.

Zoom Image

Without any toolbar, this extension offers pretty much the same features as Better Image Viewer in addition to rotating the images. There are several ways to adjust the options to get better use of this extension. For those who don't like viewing images in a cluttered background Zoom Image is the clearer option.

Just like the viewer that comes in Firefox' context menu, Zoom Image also displays the transparent areas of images in white. Better Image Viewer properly displays images that have been created with transparency. Both add-ons can be used concurrently.

We've linked these two Firefox add-ons below.

  Better Image Viewer

  Zoom Image

Viewing Our Full-Sized Images