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A huge number of us remain faithful die-hards of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 in spite of the departure that’s taken place from our game, an exodus which is in direct response to the RCT4-esque games that have been released.

Although RCT3 related websites are dropping out of existence at an alarming rate, we present an additional website especially for us rock-ribbed RCT3 buffs which we think a pertinent community addition.

On Grid:


In addition to publishing the results of our own research we're populating this area of our website with information gleaned from all over the internet which will enable our site visitors to mine a wealth of data. Here you'll find the community's only Campaign Scenarios Directory, Locked Tracks Directory, and VIP Who's Who. This is truly a one-stop compendium of RCT3 information.


A section of our website where we review in detail the qualities and attributes of community released custom content.

Hall of Fame

Every once in awhile someone in our community creates something that enhances our gaming experience and forever changes what we can and cannot do with RCT3. We highlight such milestone achievements here.

How To's

Fine-tune your gameplay and take some of the mystery out of RCT3 with these handy tips, hints, and helpful techniques.


A forums website that is topical to which has been set up to offer Members' interactivity.

Rare RCT3 Finds

Difficult-to-find custom content and specialist utilities are available here in this beautifully illustrated and easy-to-find setting.

Our Community Beyond

An extensive listing of other RCT3 related websites. From here you may view additional forums and access other websites for RCT3 downloads.

My Downloads

A range of custom items created by myself which includes unique supports for structures & flat rides, the community's largest selection of TexMod ReTextures, and a transparent RCT3 slideshow previewer.

My Projects

Review and progress of my journey with RCT3.


We've been brainstorming, combining our skill sets, and pooling our different levels of expertise to bring you this latest topic addition to our website.

We hope you will take a look through and that when you’re done you feel we’ve enhanced an hour or two of your time in a useful way. Do let us know what you think through the Contact Us tab. About Us Image of Signature


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