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This is the first release of RCT2 Wonderland Themed Set which has been inspired by the mushroom house models that Elizabeth created and later shared with FlightToAtlantis some time ago.

Image 01, RCT3 Public File Share: Available Downloads - Custom Scenery - RCT2 Wonderland Themed Set

Image 02, RCT3 Public File Share: Available Downloads - Custom Scenery - RCT2 Wonderland Themed Set

This starter set has in it the three Liz' Mushroom Houses which can be seen in the top image, and an Efteling-style bench & mushroom litter bin which are observable at the left in the bottom image. The bench and litter bin come in the inset version that's displayed in the screenshot, and in a version that's offset from the path.

Additional RCT2 Wonderland Themed updates are planned for this set which will eventually include:

a Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater House,

a Mistress Mary Quite Contrary Cottage,

a Hansel and Gretel Gingerbread House,

CSO's that look like Licorice Allsorts, Dolly Mixture, and other candy & sweets,

frozen popsicles, ice cream bear hugs, Neapolitan ice cream floats, and other desserts,

mushroom-themed stalls with vendors,

a mushroom-themed park entrance,

candy cane CSO's along with a Christmas Gingerbread Cottage, and possibly

mini mushroom houses for the Wonderland inhabitants to use outside their homes as a bird house or dog house.

The mushroom house models from which this set was created originated from Elizabeth and were modified by FlightToAtlantis at Liz' request.

RCT2 Wonderland Themed Set is now available for download at File Transfer Database.

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