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We’ve a few times experienced staff lost on extensive stair systems. The trouble seems to be patrol areas that cover multiple levels in stair systems. You can right this by picking up the staff member with the tweezers and moving him to another area of his patrol zone.

It’s possible for gamers to come across employees that are lost off paths that are near their patrol zone with only two or three tiles between them and their duty area.  This ordinarily occurs on level ground with paths built directly on the terrain. It is a mystery how the staff member got there. To fix the staff member can simply be moved back into his patrol area

Occasionally one will find an animal keeper stuck at the same tile edge where her enclosure fence is located. Most of us will recall that this was a bug in earlier versions of RCT3. Of course, the fix for this is to use the tweezers and move the keeper to another enclosure tile within her patrol zone that does not border on an enclosure wall.

In our experience, once the lost animal keeper has been sorted you will not again experience a lost animal keeper in that park.