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This mini set has been designed especially to cover any dark ride enclosures made with terrain cliff faces that have been painted with the black retextures that come in my Chroma Key TexMod Terrain ReTextures pack.

The pieces in this set come in four sizes: 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, and 64x64 terrain tiles squared. These sizes will allow some versatility in configuring different sizes and shapes when covering your dark rides.

My Downloads - Miscellaneous - Dark Ride Enclosure Toppers - Demo Sketch, Image 01

My Downloads - Miscellaneous - Dark Ride Enclosure Toppers - Demo Screenshot, Image 02

The pieces are seamless without overlapping and place exactly at terrain height so that when one is inside the dark ride enclosure there is no sky showing between the level of the terrain and the edge of the black topper piece.

The pieces in this set are visible from above and from below. They place to FTC.

Download: Dark Ride Enclosure Toppers: Chroma Key TexMod Terrain ReTextures: