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A Taste of Paradise is the name of the scenario that was originally created and released by Atari as the final version of their RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Demo. This scenario allowed a little under an hour of gameplay and was accompanied by three tutorials.

Those who enjoyed the demo were unable to save anything from A Taste of Paradise and after our time was up we were simply returned to the launch menu.

Tantalizingly, the launch screen slideshow continually displayed images of Campaign Scenarios that were probably at that time being finalized in development. Without being able to convert them we were also able to view our legacy tracks listed in the on-board tracks converter. There was no limit on the number of times we could play the demo and, just in case viewing some of the features of the game without being able to access them wasn't enough, each time we closed RCT3 Atari further drew us in with this splashscreen reminder of exciting things to come.

Now fifteen years later entire websites continue to be devoted to RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 while thousands of us still enjoy this game on a regular basis.

The download featured on this webpage has been created from Atari’s demo and is presented here with everything as originally found in A Taste of Paradise except for these differences:

In the transition from demo park to parksave a few of the stalls & facilities have become duplicated in the menus. The duplicate menu items work exactly like the originals and either the original or the duplicate menu item can be used without crashing your game.

In the transition from demo park to parksave all the terrain has become locked as owned by the park whether it is inside or outside the park boundaries. To avoid any problems during gameplay with the game engine becoming challenged by calculating park activities on park land which is owned and park activities on terrain outside the park boundaries, all land has been flagged as owned by the park.

No game features are disabled and all content is now available.

About 200 guests came with the demo park and, without question, were directed about the park by the original Guest AI characteristics created by Atari. Those guests were sent home and replaced with 200 park guests as generated by my current installation of RCT3 Deluxe Diamond (Europe’s version of RCT3 Platinum). Most community members are aware that since the demo Atari has hugely improved upon Guest AI with subsequent adjustments and updates, and after having compared the demo park guests with the park guests I've been used to all I can say is, “What an improvement!”

Here are the specifics of this parksave:



Loan (£10,000 maximum)


Starting Guest Attendance


Average Cash Per Guest


Entrance Fee

free entry

Free Rides

not flagged

Guests Want To Use Pools

not flagged

Park Hours

07:00 – 23:00

Park Starting Date

1 March

Visiting VIP’s


Park Value


Company Value




Guest Generation


Park Operation Restrictions



all content available at start of game

Animal Restrictions

rescued animals not flagged

Locked Animals


Mission Objectives


attract 250 guests +

minimum park value of £45,000


attract 400 guests +

minimum park value of £75,000


attract 550 guests +

minimum park value of £105,000

Challenge Prize

challenges not included with RCT3 until Soaked!

Apprentice Reward


Entrepreneur Reward


Tycoon Trophy   

maximum loan doubled

Image 03 - My Downloads - Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: RCT3 Demo ParkSave

Image 04 - My Downloads - Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: RCT3 Demo ParkSave

Image 05 - My Downloads - Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: RCT3 Demo ParkSave

Upon opening the parksave you'll notice there is one coaster (Inverted Coaster), one flat ride (Swinging Inverter Ship), no other attractions, no staff, and lots to do to get this park moving forward. Atari created this demo scenario, that loosely resembles a country club, on a 90 x 90 park map with a unique park layout and unusual structures. Although the fireworks MixMaster is disabled in the demo they've taken care to include a fireworks display. The coaster, Looping Wasp, is an outstanding statement in track design that’s beautifully integrated into the terrain. Looping Wasp wasn’t ultimately released with the other track designs in the full version of RCT3 so the availability of our parksave here as a download represents the first opportunity for the community to save and enjoy a copy of this track in other parks. In this parksave, the original park entrance remains at the location of the former park boundary and it’s up to the gamer whether he wishes to reposition it or not.

All of us now use the Platinum or Deluxe versions of RCT3. In view of that there are a number of features available in the menus in this parksave that weren't available in the original demo, for example, this parksave allows swimming pools, waterfalls, animal enclosures, animal keeper staff, custom structures in the menu, paintbrush in the menu, etc. When this demo was originally released some features were probably still on the drawing board at Atari while others may have been features they thought best not to include in the demo. Although A Taste of Paradise was created before the community had heard of Soaked! or Wild!, if you have Vanilla and both expansions installed, features and content from either expansion may be used while playing with this parksave.

It is confirmed there is no time limit in this parksave and it is now possible to achieve Tycoon status at your own pace. The reward for becoming Tycoon is a bit of a letdown but what else can one expect from a demo that in a best case scenario was likely to end a few minutes after one achieved Tycoon status.

To play with this parksave, simply unzip and place in your Documents\RCT3\Parks folder. RCT3 Demo ParkSave is now available at File Transfer Database.


Demo Track Design

A single track design was included with the demo. It was a wooden coaster called Little Beast. Coaster details and information on where to download it can be found through the following link:


Demo Skyboxes

To add authenticity to your gameplay with this parksave, I have included all 7 of the original demo skyboxes from A Taste of Paradise in a TexMod pack. The Hill backdrop is shown in the screenshot at the top of this article. The demo did not include a City backdrop. These skybox images were found to be a lower resolution than the ones we’re used to and were probably originally designed to be temporary images that stood in for the ones we’re now familiar with. To complement RCT3 Demo ParkSave, and perhaps to refresh the appearance of some of your existing parks, this TexMod pack can also be downloaded at File Transfer Database.

  RCT3 Demo Skyboxes TexMod ReTextures Pack

For instructions on how to use TexMod along with a link to download, see our article here.

  TexMod Customized Add-Ins - Our Fact Page

 RCT3's Demo Track Design: Little Beast