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In this showcase we feature a great set duo: TNS Pool Paths and TNS Pool Terrain. The set names are quite accurate as the pool paths set is made up of covers for pool paths while the pool terrain set covers the pool complex decking and all the pool interior side walls and floor tiles.

Both of these excellent sets have been made to the highest standard. While placing the pieces from these sets you’ll find that the in-game pool and the pool path pieces are covered over extremely well and that all TNS’ pieces place together seamlessly.

The railings place separately from the pool paths which, when used with Spice’s Invisible Pool CS, gives us a choice as to where we do and don’t want railings about our pool. Do ensure that your TNS pool railing properly places on the edge of the pool decking because there is a right way around to turn the railing prior to placing it.

The TNS demo park in which the following screenshots were taken displays terrain and cliff textures that have previously been altered with TexMod. Terrain covers have been placed on the ground beneath the demonstration arrangements so that TNS’ pieces may be seen in contrast.

The bulk of this set is made up of pool deck pieces with pool interior pieces in matching shapes. All the pool decking has been created to take on the texture of the terrain. The cliff texture is displayed on the underwater parts of the pool that make up the pool’s interior sides.

TNS Pool Terrain set will cover both curved and straight pool configurations.

Image 01, Showcase! Fall 2020, TNS Pool Paths & TNS Pool Terrain, Page 1

Image 02, Showcase! Fall 2020, TNS Pool Paths & TNS Pool Terrain, Page 1

The pool bottom piece has been created with a one–size-fits all approach so there are no curves to match up while placing them. They are available in both the terrain texture as well as the cliff texture. When used they sit at a good distance below the caustics displayed on the bottom of your pool so the pool caustics will be visible inside your pool while these pieces are in place.

Image 03, Showcase! Fall 2020, TNS Pool Paths & TNS Pool Terrain, Page 1

Of course you’ll find a pool railing in this set along with a full deck piece, and Jacuzzi interior with matching Jacuzzi deck. The Jacuzzi interior is exquisitely shaped. The workmanship that went into it can only be truly appreciated when it’s actually placed inside a hot tub.

Showcase! Fall 2020, TNS Pool Paths & TNS Pool Terrain, Slider A Thumbnails Collage - Images 04- 08

The Jacuzzi interior places nicely either with or without the Jacuzzi decking piece. When placed alone the Jacuzzi interior top edges are beautifully concealed by the pool complex coping.

Like all the other pieces, TNS’ Jacuzzi piece does rotate in four directions but only completely covers the in-game Jacuzzi one way. You’ll first need to place a TNS Jacuzzi cover as a test to see if any of the in-game texture shows through. If you are seeing bits of the in-game texture in spite of TNS Jacuzzi interior being in place, delete TNS’ piece, rotate it once, then try again. Once you’ve made enough rotations to get the Jacuzzi cover lined up it’s best to go through the entire pool complex and place all TNS’ Jacuzzi interiors while you have them rotated correctly from the menu. On my system I know to simply rotate the Jacuzzi piece three times before using it. You may find three revolutions work well for you too.

TNS Pool Terrain’s accompanying mini wall set will enable us to cover our pool’s exterior sides. The walls come from 1h to 4h sizes along with a short and a not-so-short wall cap, both of which have top faces that take on the texture of the terrain. There are wall corner plugs and wall cap corner plugs as well.

Image 09, Showcase! Fall 2020, TNS Pool Paths & TNS Pool Terrain, Page 1

The walls are offset from the terrain tile edge so you’ll find there is a right way around for the walls to be turned before placing. Not only are these walls decorative but they do go some way towards suggesting load bearing foundation walls.

I’ve set up a pool complex in an otherwise blank sandbox in order to demonstrate just what can be done with TNS’ sets. The Pool Complex textures and the terrain & cliff textures have previously been re-textured with TexMod.

Image 10, Showcase! Fall 2020, TNS Pool Paths & TNS Pool Terrain, Page 1

This first image below displays TNS walls which have been used as a foundation border for the various areas of the pool.

Image 11, Showcase! Fall 2020, TNS Pool Paths & TNS Pool Terrain, Page 1

Instead of the vertical lines of the pool decking unrealistically going straight into the ground these walls give the impression that there’s a load bearing foundation upon which the pool complex has been built.

Because this is a split-level pool, interest has been added by using TNS’ walls at different heights, as can be seen at the far center in this next image.

Image 12, Showcase! Fall 2020, TNS Pool Paths & TNS Pool Terrain, Page 1

If desired, the set’s pool railings may be substituted with the walls that come in this set. Walls have been placed here in the following image to prevent the grass near by from becoming overwatered from shower run-off.

Image 13, Showcase! Fall 2020, TNS Pool Paths & TNS Pool Terrain, Page 1

In this next image, this wall’s been placed to minimize the breeze over the top of the pool decking at this height and to soften the appearance of all the water ride 'n' slide supports near by.

Image 14, Showcase! Fall 2020, TNS Pool Paths & TNS Pool Terrain, Page 1

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