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We should never underestimate the importance of matching to our paths one or more specialty custom additions for our park, such as with the double platforms that support this double carousel.

Image 83, HowTo's: Making The Most Of Path Creator, Page 9

All our specialty additions need not be elaborate, as can be seen with the simple ride baseplate decals I've added to some of the rides in this park, visible below Golden Odyssey there at the left.


Another specialty item created for this park is the pergolas system. It was made specifically to coordinate with the path railings. That’s n7’s Modular Vine on top.

Image 84, HowTo's: Making The Most Of Path Creator, Page 9

n7's Modular Vine set and the Adventure folder inside Themed are the only publicly released scenery items in use in this park.


As add-ons to the Flat path pieces used for ride baseplates and the attraction entrances & exits throughout the park I’ve created border decals to match the paths. An example of these decals can be seen around Sky Sling in this next image.

Image 85, HowTo's: Making The Most Of Path Creator, Page 9

Flat path pieces also don’t come with railings so the fencing on the ride baseplates in this park is made up of CSO fencing. As you may have noticed I’ve used one tile texture for the paths and another texture for the queues. I enjoyed selecting these textures and coordinating their colors to match.


Beautifully made custom paths lend themselves especially well to food courts as can be seen here at this park’s south east corner ...

Image 86, HowTo's: Making The Most Of Path Creator, Page 9

Image 87, HowTo's: Making The Most Of Path Creator, Page 9

… and here near one of the mini food courts, this one located in the north-east of the park.

Image 88, HowTo's: Making The Most Of Path Creator, Page 9

The planters and vegetation near the picnic tables there are a lovely touch.

While creating the supports set in use through this park I was concerned that with the supports positioned at one side they’d be really noticeable but I’m pleasantly surprised how well they blend and in some cases can’t be seen at all. These supports do require a lot of thought to place but I think the end result is well worth the trouble.


The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Successfully creating, using, and effectively supporting paths and queues throughout our parks requires a little more than simply getting through a session with Path Creator. It’s no wonder then that so many community members have unsuccessfully attempted creating paths and queues with this utility. While this unique utility is a great idea in principle our in-depth analysis of Path Creator’s abilities and limitations reveal that this utility requires more understanding to use than most of the other tools in our gamers’ toolbox. It is for those who may be experiencing difficulties in using Path Creator that its shortcomings are summarized here in this article.

It may seem I’m being a bit hard on Path Creator but this information is presented to show that such problems are likely experienced by most who use this utility and that the fault does not lie with any one individual. Path Creator newbies in particular will find it extremely challenging to get their heads into Path Creator mode.

Notwithstanding this, one must give credit where credit is due. What with Path Creator being a chore to use I’m sure it was even more challenging for DarkHorizon to create. During the development of this utility DarkHorizon’s time may have been limited and, in its initial development and subsequent update, it’s quite possible that he might have only had just enough time to get enough of this utility off the ground for the community to enjoy. With Path Creator being the only utility of its kind I’m sure we’d all rather have this utility with its shortcomings than to not have it at all!

The bottom line is that we do have Path Creator around for our use today and, with a few obstacles that can easily be worked around, this unique utility does enable community members to create functional paths and queues for use in our game.

For Your Convenience

All of the items mentioned throughout this article have been packed into a single upload which is now available at File Transfer Database.'s Path Creator Pack contains:’s Example SKP,

templates enabling you to make ground level Path Creator paths, or CSO path covers with borders,

additional Templates for those who would like ground level paths with trimmed borders, and

DarkHorizon’s Path Creator.

You'll find the Path Creator Pack download link at the end of this page.

Go to this webpage: Customizing and Importing: Considering Our Options to find the download link for SketchUp. Do keep in mind that there are no RCT3 SketchUp PlugIns for SketchUp 2017 onwards.


While creating custom content it is extremely difficult to do one’s very best if it’s not possible to know beforehand that we’re going to achieve results from our efforts. The detailed road map presented in this article and our download pack will enable the most direct and informed route for you to enjoy the best of success in using RCT3 Path Creator.

Image 89, HowTo's: Making The Most Of Path Creator, Page 9


Additional path and support configurations can be seen throughout the park tour we present in our Hillside On The Lake article.

  Hillside On The Lake

Image 90, HowTo's: Making The Most Of Path Creator, Page 9

Download:’s Path Creator Pack:

Drag the above toggle

by its edges to a

convenient place on your screen.

The Compleat Path Creator

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