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Image 47, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 5

Do you avoid building tunnels in your parks because they always seem to end up as gaping holes in the ground? Terraform, paint the terrain and add CSO’s for theming & visual interest. Here with its tunnel interior, tunnel exterior, and safety fencing this tunnel opening has become an attractive and functional feature with its pergola’d information station, nearby drinking fountains, and with the park's orange orchard on the hillside above. The entertainer adds a whimsical touch to this area of the park.


Image 48, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 5

I don’t know what they could have been thinking when they came up with those in-game path supports. With invisible paths and CSO’s we can make our path infrastructure work for us.

Image 49, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 5


Image 50, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 5

When used judiciously it is difficult to overdo theming and the use of CSO’s.

Image 51, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 5


Image 52, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 5

Here I’ve imported CSO’s specifically for Fantasy Slide CTR and have further enhanced this area of the park with an in-game statue, custom paths, elegant path railings, and custom vegetation.


Image 53, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 5

A beautifully presented screenshot doesn’t always need to take in huge sweeping vistas. Here’s a cosy image depicting a chatty afternoon at our pool entrance plaza.


Image 54, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 5

This is the other side of our pool entrance building as seen from The Sandwich Terrace. Except for the fact that we don't actually see any of the staff, from foreground to the horizon this image presents all the points bulleted in this article's first paragraph. The mallard ducks that happened to be flying overhead are a lovely touch.


Image 55, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 5

An additional view of our pool plaza again illustrates all this article's lead points. Here, the excursion craft have dropped guests off for their visit to the pool. During this time the boating staff are enjoying their lunch as they await the guests' return so that they may continue on their tour. Guests can enjoy this view of our pool plaza from a building on the hill nearby.


Image 56, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 5

I've taken this great shot which displays the abundant vegetation about Aegean Sands pool complex, then …

Image 57, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 5

... we're just about done with Park Sights so I'm into the pool and headed for Body Slide.

Guests Enjoying Their Park Visit

I particularly like this type of screenshot best because of the satisfaction I gain when it is obvious that my guests simply like being in my park.

There is little doubt that the guests in these images are immersed in the park experience I have created for them. Images of this sort speak for themselves and need no additional commentary from me.

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