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This park started out as Atari's Campaign scenario Insect World. Some time after earning my Tycoon status in this park I thought I might like to further develop it although at the time I wasn’t sure when I’d do that or in which direction I would be headed when I got around to it.

These past several months I had occasionally recalled how in the past some of our community members had commented on the difficulty in replacing a park entrance they’d removed and I thought Insect World would be a good park with which to demonstrate park entrances in our Setting Up And Switching Your Park Entrance article.

In preparation for park entrance article I had made all land owned by the park and removed the spider shape in the terrain along with the spider colors suggested by the terrain painting. The original paths, the animal enclosures, the artificial pond, and Safari Train remained intact as they’d been built in the missions, with the rest of the park being redeveloped. Pool Complex also remained in its original location although later it too would be further developed.

At about the time I had nearly completed the Park Entrances FAQ I believed this park would be a good place to start with my first ever attempt to operate a park that was entirely dependent on finance so this park next became an experiment to see if running a park in profit was something I could achieve. It was after I started development of Vanguard West that I fully realized the potential in this park’s landscape.

Although I’ve gone all out on TexMod ReTextures there are no CTR’s, CFR’s or CSO’s in this park except for Spice’s Invisible Pool CS which happened to be installed on this computer. TexMod ReTextures have saved me a lot of trouble in this park because I’d originally chosen the the in-game leafy path which looked ridiculous without the leafy terrain to go along with it so, using TexMod, I replaced the in-game leafy path texture with one of Spice’s path textures.

We’ll begin our tour by showing the method used by guests to arrive at the property which is through the access tunnel behind the woodie, between the giraffes enclosure and the rhinos enclosure.

Left mouse click on the black & white images that are displayed throughout this article to see a larger, color version of each screenshot.

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As this is a day park and not a resort, guests are shuttled in throughout the day from the nearest city via high-speed, underground monorail. This illustration shows where the track enters the park property. Although there appears to be a single track underground, just beyond the tunnel entrance it splits into two running lines and there are also several berth tracks for standing trains waiting to be called into service. Once above ground the arriving shuttle turns towards the south monorail station which is near the park entrances.


The monorail is a scheduled service that brings guests into the park every five minutes. Before noon most of the trains arrive at capacity with most leaving the park empty. Park admissions are paid in the city prior to the trains departing and once in the park guests need only present their ticket at the park entrance. To clear the park each evening dozens of monorail trains arrive at the park, queue at both monorail stations, and immediately return to the city when full. This continues in a repeating cycle until all the guests have departed.

There is a north monorail station in addition to the south station. The south station, being near the park entrances, is only used for guest arrivals. When all arriving guests have disembarked from the south station the train then provides a shuttle service from the south station to the north station. Guests riding the shuttle service are treated to breathtaking views of the water park, and pool complex, Trains leaving the north station return to the city to collect more guests.

Image 02, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1


Most guests head directly for the information booths near the park entrances upon arrival in the park. For any guest who may have missed the information booths near the park entrance because they’ve traveled via monorail directly to the north of the park, there are a few information booths near the exit of the north monorail station.

Image 03, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1

Our information booths provide park maps, umbrellas, and a guide of what’s going on and when it's happening in the park.

Throughout the day trains leaving the north station will generally return to the city without any passengers. At around two o’clock or so guests will begin to depart in increasing numbers. About two hours prior to closing the park new arrivals are not permitted to board the trains in the city. When the park closes both stations board only departing guests, with full trains leaving immediately to the city, then returning to board more departing guests.

Another perspective of the park entrances can be seen in the image below.

Image 04, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1

Image 05, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1

Up close the entry area is quite secluded and cosy, with the lush greenery serving in part to hide the north half of the park until the guests have wandered into that area.

Image 06, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1


There are two main paths leading into the north of the park from the entry area. Some of our guests enter the park through this path which is the east access path. Along this way are queues for Mine Train, Safari Train, Aquarium, and Dinosaur Go ‘Round.

Image 07, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1

Image 08, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1

As Fossil suggested in his article here, guests get lost when they head down cul de sacs that dead-end opposite the direction of the park entrance and I’ve found that to be true here at the exit of Safari Train. Signs indicating No Entry have been placed on this path so guests exiting Safari Train won’t become lost while continually changing direction without actually leaving the path.

Image 09, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1


A little further along the east access path is the entrance to our woodie.

Image 10, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1

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