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Illustration 01, Primary Vista Screenshot, - My Downloads, Parks and Coasters - Scenario: VIP Fun

Some of us have little experience with VIP’s so this VIP inclusive scenario will provide a good opportunity to get to know them better. While this park is progressing, two VIP’s will visit during Apprentice level, two will visit during Entrepreneur level, and two during Tycoon level. There are no conditions attached to the VIP’s visiting your parks except they’ve been included with the default target happiness of 75%. If you build a reasonably good park that gives your guests a fair level of happiness then these VIP’s are sure to leave your park happy.

The VIP’s are set to attend your park several weeks apart. As they’ve been included with the default visit time of 2 (in-game) months you will find their visits will overlap for about six weeks.

When two VIP’s have done with their park visit and have left your park satisfied you’ll graduate up through (sandbox) Apprentice to (sandbox) Entrepreneur to (sandbox) Tycoon. After you’ve reached (sandbox) Tycoon status, the VIP’s will no longer attend your park.

Illustration 02, Secondary Vista  Screenshot - My Downloads, Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: VIP Fun

As the VIP’s arrive you can simply let them wander or you can get in some practice with the VIP Route console to ensure your celebrities visit a few rides/attractions. To set up the VIP’s route go to the top of your game display, click on the Scenario Objectives icon, click on the footprints icon next to the VIP’s name, and place your VIP’s itinerary. For further information on VIP’s see Our VIP Blue Book.

As this is a fun sandbox it is not essential to provide Kara Oki with intense rides, Bob Waterman with a pool, or Major Smythe with animal viewing galleries. Apart from graduating in increments up to (sandbox) Tycoon, there are no specific rewards if your VIP’s leave your park happy.

Illustration 03, Third Vista Screenshot - My Downloads, Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: VIP Fun

For your convenience here are the specifications of this scenario:




not required

Starting Guest Attendance


Average Cash Per Guest


Entrance Fee

not fixed

Free Rides

not flagged


prices and extras at default settings

Guests Want To Use Pools

not flagged

Park Hours

09:00 - 19:00

Park Starting Date

1 March

Visiting VIP’s

Clint Bushton – Apprentice mission

Kara Oki - Apprentice mission

Joe Sluggerball – Entrepreneur mission

Cami O - Entrepreneur mission

Bob Waterman – Tycoon mission

Major Smythe - Tycoon mission

Park Value


Company Value




Guest Generation


Park Operation Restrictions



all content available at start of game

Animal Restrictions

no rescued animals

Locked Animals


Mission Objectives

have fun with the VIP's

Challenge Prize

no challenges

Apprentice Reward


Entrepreneur Reward


Tycoon Trophy   


The terrain for this scenario is the same as that which Atari used for the Vanilla Hills Scenario from which has been removed that park’s content with the same terrain being made over into this park. The Skyrider coaster in the park is from Captain Blackheart’s Cove scenario. The structures have been lifted from Atari's Gunslinger, Checkered Flag, Rocky Coasters, and Mine Mountain Scenarios. The tracks in the park come installed with RCT3. Except for Sky Rider, the tracks and rides are at default prices. There is no custom content. There are sufficient staff in the park but their patrol areas have been left up to the gamer.

To use this scenario, unzip and place in your Documents\RCT3\Parks folder. VIP Fun park is now available at File Transfer Database.