Slideshow: The Role Of The MiddleCar_ And Of The LinkCar_

All Five Car_s And The Minus Five Preset

For this next example we’ve again created a WagenDaten_ including models for all the Car_ types except for the LinkCar_.

Of course you’ve noticed that this time around we’ve managed to reduce the number of cars in the train to 1. yet in the previous slideshow where we created a 5 Car_ train, all 5 cars placed on the track. You’ll recall that there we were unable to reduce the original number of cars in that train although we were able to add additional MiddleCar_s.

We’ve managed it this time around by using a value of -5 in the CarCountPerTrainMin field and a value of -5 in  the CarCountPerTrainPreset field in the WagenDaten_. By lowering the car count with minus values we can reduce the car count on the track accordingly which results in 1 car on the track which in this example is the RearCar_.

What happens, though, if your RearCar_ model isn’t suitable for use on the front of the train? We’ll see in the next slideshow …