The Compleat Path Creator

Table Of Contents

Models: Coordinates & Orientation

Texture Specifics

Texture Style Options

Ground Level Textures

Colorable Textures

Textures For Queues

Textures For Paths

Image Modes

Shared Textures

Preparation And Organization


Our Example SKP

File Compilation

Path Pieces

Queue Pieces

Extended Path Pieces

Getting Started With Path Creator

Icons And Naming

Loading Ground-Level Path Textures

Loading Ground-Level Queue Textures

Create My Path!

Saving And Re-Opening Projects

Ground Level Texture Specifics

256, 512, And 1024 Squared

Ground-Level Texture Challenges

Texture Sizes Revisited

Unexplained Artefacts

Invisible Ground-Level Textures

Ground-Level Paths

Ground-Level Queues

Suspended Path Placements

Path Undersides

Path & Queue Supporting CSO's

Ride Baseplates

Viewing Our Results In A Park Setting

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly's Path Creator Pack