Welcome to FTA.net Visitors' Contact Centre

To contact us:

  • Click on the Submit a Ticket tab above.
  • Select the appropriate topic. If you're not sure which topic to choose, our small Knowledgebase of brief articles will help.
  • Fill out the required details for your message. You may use your community name instead of your real name.
  • Complete the convenient mini-captcha.
  • Submit your ticket.

You’ll be taken to another webpage confirming receipt of your message and given a ticket number. Once your ticket is submitted, registration is automatic.

What happens next?

You’ll receive an email which will:

  • confirm your registration at FTA.net Visitors' Contact Centre,
  • contain your user name (the email address you have given in your ticket), and
  • confirm your password.

Within a few minutes there will be another email which will have in it your ticket number along with some of the details of your message.

After that?

Of course, you'll hear from us within two days, and you can contact us via return email.

You can also visit us at the link provided in your confirmation email where you may:

  • log in with the details you received in your email,
  • view the status of your ticket, and
  • send a reply from your account if desired.

When logged in you can also submit a new ticket from your account.

What else can I do when I’m logged in?

You can make changes to your profile, your preferences, and change your password.

Will my email address be safe?

We don't believe in mailing lists or in passing along other people's details to third parties.  The only purpose for providing us with your email address is so you may enjoy the convenience of our Visitors' Contact services.


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