Our Observations

All the way back to the start of custom content being created for RCT3, occasionally when creating something unique some of us have reached out to other community members when we wanted a little help. The general consensus seemed to be that once a community member has picked up the knowledge that they're reluctant to pass it along to the next person when the fact of the matter is that the person who's reluctant to pass on the information realizes there's a vast amount of precise data they need to share and that they themselves had trouble learning what it was that needed to be understood. This becomes a bigger challenge when those in the know realize that after the difficult process of succeeding in taking on this information that they then need to figure out how to present the same complex data in a way that enables the next person to understand it.

It hasn't helped that in the past, when community members have attempted to be helpful by giving sufficient details that there are unnecessary comments about the length of their posts. Some of those taking on this new information should also realize just how difficult they make sharing this information if, for example, the person willing to pass along this information suggests they need to learn about wheel effects and the individual learning doesn't want to know about wheel effects because they're making a monorail CTR and monorail cars don't have wheels. Understandably it is due in part to issues such as the aforementioned that most people who have themselves taken the trouble to learn how to create custom content aren't willing to share the information.

At the beginning of our CTR Creator sessions we wrote:

An incredible amount of knowledge needs to be taken on board in order to fully use this utility as a result of which it is the most under-utilized tool in our toolkit. Because so much data needs to be collated while using CTR Creator, a process that requires referencing and re-referencing several documents and then creating and referencing a range of Windows directories, without organization and focus one can easily find himself spending more time looking for various files than actually using the utility.

We've aimed to take all the mystery and obscurity out of using CTR Creator. Although our goal is to enable others to kick up their own enjoyment of the total gaming experience, common sense would dictate that this is not the sort of information that could be passed along to another person in six sentences, on one webpage, or all in a single document. We're sure those who wanted brevity stopped bothering with our presentation a few paragraphs into Page 1. That, of course, was a personal choice that was up to them.

The sessions in this article will benefit both those who have no idea what's involved in the process of creating CTR's as well as those who already have knowledge of some of the steps required to create custom ride cars & tracks.

It is our hope that you believe that we've done our very best to pass along all the required information while being only as detailed as needed to be informative and helpful.

We wish the best of success on your path towards getting to better know CTR Creator.