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Image 01 - My Downloads - RCT3 Demo Track Design: Little Beast

Image 02 - My Downloads - RCT3 Demo Track Design: Little Beast

Image 03 - My Downloads - RCT3 Demo Track Design: Little Beast

RCT3's Demo Woodie: Little Beast

One prepared TRK file had been saved and included with the RCT3 Demo. That coaster was a woodie called Little Beast. At a cost of £5,000 to place, its compact design was probably due to there being only £10,000 in the bank when the demo was initially loaded.

This track design, illustrated at the left, is presented here displaying the colors in which it was painted before it was saved by Atari for the demo. The car type and the entrance & exit are as they came in the TRK file. Minimum/maximum waiting times have been altered and the lift hill speed has been increased.

Track Specifications


>6 (High)


<7 (High)


 >3 (Medium)

Maximum Speed:

75 km/h – 45 mi/h

Average Speed:

50 km/h – 30 mi/h

Ride Time:


Ride Length:

360 m – 1,200 ft

Maximum Positive Vertical G's:


Maximum Negative Vertical G's:

> -1

Maximum Lateral G's:


Total 'Air' Time:


Number of Drops:


Number of Inversions:


Highest Drop Height:

17 m – 55 ft


6 x 18

Cost to Build:


After placing this woodie, to reduce the intensity you’ll probably want to bank a couple of the turns and add a series of brakes just before the train re-enters the station. All-in-all this coaster has very good EI&N readings for such a compact track.

The download link for Little Beast can be found below.