What's In Concordia Gardens?

With the information in the Data List now sorted and accessible I can easily find the references for the two guests that are still in the park.

I can tell at a glance there are 81 janitors (Handyman), 34 Mechanics, 73 Entertainers, 84 SecurityGuards, and 134 Vendors on hand to keep our guests happy. I’m fairly certain that most of these staff don’t have patrol areas which could explain why I’d hired so many. I can’t recall that I was that interested in patrol areas at the time and my style back then was to hire them all in one go.

The enclosures in this park have 381 AnimalKeepers, 39 AnimalShelters, and 10 viewing galleries (ViewingGalleryInstance). 70 animals were playing with another animal (WAS_PlayWithAnimals) and 9 animal pairs were mating (WAS_Mate) at the time this park was saved. Other animal entries seem to be duplicated or triplicated with different suffixes added to the entry names. Confusingly, there are four sets of data representing the number of animals in the enclosures with each set totalling about 250 animals. I can’t believe there were 1,000 animals in this park so based on this data I’ll estimate that there are approximately 250 animals in these enclosures which are represented several different ways in this data list.

Pool Complex has 20 changing rooms (ChangingRoomInstance). Guest safety there is assured by the 27 Lifeguards on duty whose behaviour is referenced with the 27 entries for LifeguardChairBehaviour. The pool is made up of 7,261 PoolPieces. I don’t know if the 2,567 PoolSegments are additional to the PoolPieces or included with them. Somewhere in there are included the loungers, sunbrellas, pool ladders, springboards, spa tubs, and showers as I couldn’t find any separate entries for these. It seems the PoolSurface, which is at three levels in this park, is referenced 22 times – or perhaps there are 19 hot tubs in the pool with the three pool levels making up the remainder of the PoolSurface entries.

As I hadn't at the time learned how to fire him the information in Data List indicates this park has in it a ParkInspector, there’s a reference to a ParkInspectorManager, and also listed are 41 ParkInspectorMessages.

There are 191 RideCarInstances in this park and as I can’t see 5 flat rides making up 191 ride cars I’m sure that’s a count of the cars on both the flat rides and on the tracks. There are also 12 RideCarSpinningParts, and 18 RideCarSwingingParts. I vaguely remember that there’s a Suspended Swinging Coaster in this park and the RideCarSwingingPart references are probably due to its having three trains each with six cars. There’s also a Virginia Reel track in this park but I’m sure I only put six cars on it which would account for only about half of the RideCarSpinningParts. I’m fairly certain that the 62 RideTrainInstance references mean that there are a total of 62 cars making up the trains on my twenty coaster tracks.

There is a single RideParticleManager referenced in addition to 26 RideStations. Because there are 20 tracks and five flat rides I take it that these RideStations are the ride entrances. The remainder of 1 might be due to Aquarium having an entrance. The twenty coasters in this park are made up of 4,035 TrackPieces. I found 279 references for TrackPlatformPieces and I’m sure this is a count of the pieces that make up the track station platforms as well as the pieces that make up the flat ride baseplates.

The queues (PathQueue) servicing my coasters and flat rides are made up of 142 individual tiles. The paths (PathTile) about my park are built from 1,679 path tiles that are placed directly on the terrain in addition to 53 path tiles that are suspended (FlyingPath).

Again I didn’t count all these lines out in the Word document. If I saw a huge list of, say, TrackPlatformPieces and I wanted to know how many of those were in the list I copied all the TrackPlatformPiece entries and my clipboard extender told me how many lines it had copied.

28,682 SceneryItems have been placed about this park. There are also 1,801 ParticleSources (particle effects) in this park. I know there are an outlandish number of path lamps placed about the park which probably make up most of the particle effects. There are no entries in the data list though that separately indicate that they represent path lamps.

The bodies of water in this park contain 14 Fish while 41 Ducks were making themselves at home about the park property at the time this park was saved. There are 4 waterfalls (WaterfallBody) in the park and also one reference each for WaterfallManager, WaterFlowManager, WaterManager, and for Weather.

I do recall placing a ridiculous number of benches about this park. According to this list there are 232 entries for ParkBenchBehaviour which I take to mean that there are 232 benches throughout this park.

There are 21 entries for LitterBinBehaviour which, based on the entries for LifeguardChairBehaviour and ParkBenchBehaviour indicates that the park has 21 litter bins. I vaguely recall that I meant to get around finishing the placement of the litter bins about the park. This occurred at about the same time I stopped working on this park, around the time my honeymoon with Concordia Gardens was over and I was ready to move on.

At the time I was working on Concordia Gardens I was already interested in keeping a neat and tidy park so I was unpleasantly surprised to discover there were 49 pieces of litter throughout this park. However I observe that there are 7 different SIDDatabaseEntries for Litter. The litter entries are described in these ways:

Litter Litter

Litter PooLarge

Litter PooMedium

Litter PooNutty

Litter PooSandy

Litter PooSmallWhippy

Litter Puke

It seems that litter, vomit, and five types of dung make up the referenced 49 pieces of litter, something that does make me feel better about the number 49. I can also tell that the developers of this game got along well and had a sense of humor.

This was a fascinating exercise between what I could remember of the park and what was displayed in the data created by Park CleanUp – and all without actually opening the park.