At the start of each scenario it's a good idea to look over the requirements for each of the Apprentice, Entrepreneur, and Tycoon levels which usually provide valuable information as to how you should start building and developing your park in order to meet any objectives, and possibly preparing the mission for your celebrity.

With Atari’s Campaign scenarios there are sometimes one, often two, but never more than three scenario requirements at each mission level. Scenario requirements that are met before you need to do so in one mission level will count as being already accomplished when you reach the mission level in which they're required, e.g., if during Apprentice mission you happen to build a coaster with an excitement rating of 5 and it turns out you didn't need to do this until Entrepreneur level, when you reach Entrepreneur level you will find that you have already achieved that objective.

One can have up to eight scenario requirements at each level when creating his own scenario. Do be careful when setting these up though because it's possible to inadvertently repeat some of the requirements, e.g., you might accidentally include two or more requirements for viewing galleries.

As a surprise gaming element waiting to be uncovered by gamers after installation, as of Soaked!, Campaign scenarios come with challenges. Along with the challenges came a challenge icon at the bottom of the Park Management icons display. You may click on this icon to see how much time you have left to complete the challenge or to refresh your memory as to what is required. The challenge may either be accepted, turned down, or postponed. Challenges that are turned down are not offered again at a later time during that scenario. To see what makes each challenge unique look over the entries in our Campaign Scenario Directory.

All objectives can be viewed and considered as soon as any campaign scenario is opened. As challenges are presented at a specific time, one cannot prepare for challenges in the same way as one may prepare for objectives.

Sometimes one, but usually two challenges come with Soaked! and with Wild! Campaign scenarios. None of the Vanilla campaigns come with challenges.

When boost to research is given as a reward for:

Succeeding at a Challenge

£1,000 is added to your research funding.

Completing a Mission

there is an increase in the number of invented items available when continuing on into the next mission level, i.e., more tracks, rides, shops & facilities, and scenery items.

Previously saved tall coasters can be placed, and the John Wardley cheat used if desired in scenarios with building height restrictions.

In a park with free rides it is still possible to gain income from pools and from viewing galleries.

In campaigns which allow the gamer to charge a park entrance fee you may always adjust the amount you wish to charge. Campaign park entrance fees are not fixed unless there is free entry to the park. A quick look through our Scenario Directory at the average cash per guest will provide a guideline for park entrance pricing.

Saved swimming pools can be placed in your park with any water rides & slides that have been previously saved with them, even though those same rides and slides are not invented in the scenario.

Do be careful when deleting rides and attractions that come already placed in Campaign scenarios. It's not always safe to assume that if the ride has already been placed in the park that it has been invented and is available for replacement. One scenario where you could get caught out like this Insect World.

If you’ve already installed CFR’s & CTR’s in addition to other custom content such as custom paths, you will occasionally notice your custom content is sometimes included with new inventions as a result of your research.

Although not recommended, custom tracks and custom flat rides can be opened/placed in scenarios but such custom content is more likely to crash a scenario park than a sandbox park. Scenarios are among the first items released with original expansions and are likely coded slightly differently from the RCT3 we’re familiar with today in Gold, Platinum, or in versions available for download. Always save your progress before attempting.

Raiders of the Lost Coaster (Wild!) & Saxon Farm (Wild!) scenarios are the only scenarios in which all content is included in the mission, or can be added during gameplay with research.

All of the Soaked! campaigns come with guests want to use pools option flagged. Soaked! campaigns are the only campaigns where this option is flagged.

Soaked! Campaign scenarios usually require that the VIP wants to visit a clean pool complex. The Wild! campaign VIP usually requires a visit to X number of animal viewing galleries. If your VIP wants to visit three viewing galleries, if you wish you may place all three galleries at the same enclosure.

Not all VIP’s visit all Atari Campaign expansions:

Cami O, Kara Oki, and Joe Sluggerball only visit Vanilla campaigns.

Clint Bushton visits Vanilla campaigns in addition to one Soaked! campaign.

Bob Waterman only appears in the Soaked! missions.

Major Smythe is the only VIP that visits Wild! Campaign scenarios.

When creating your own scenarios you may arrange for any VIP to visit any scenario expansion. For more information on VIP's you might like to look over our VIP Blue Book.

While playing any authentic Atrai Campaign scenario you'll find that VIP's only visit during objectives. When setting up your own scenarios it's possible to include VIP visits in challenges as well as in objectives.

La-La Land (Vanilla) is the only Atari Campaign scenario in which two VIP’s will visit during the same mission level.

Kara Oki is the only VIP that has her own attraction, Kara Oki Concert. It’s a flat ride that can be placed in any park whether the park is a scenario park or a sandbox park.

There are a total of 39 Atari Campaign scenarios. The VIP’s appear in less than half that number.

In the first 15 Vanilla Campaign scenarios there is no other reward offered in addition to your having earned your Apprentice status.

Only in Wild! scenarios do some of the campaigns come with most of the animal types locked. They're the only campaigns in which rescued animals are used, the only campaigns where it is necessary to capture animals, and the only campaigns where it is a requirement to release animals.

Zoo Rescue (Wild!) and Tiger Forest (Wild!) are the only two scenarios where a cash reward is paid both when one becomes an Apprentice and when becomes an Entrepreneur. Tiger Forest is also the scenario that comes with the maximum loan amount, £25,000.

Cosmic Crags (Vanilla) and Saxon Farm (Wild!) are the only two scenarios in which the company value starts out in deficit.

In every mission the trophy for becoming a Tycoon is an unlocked coaster design (a new TRK file).

As with sandbox parks it is possible to play Campaign scenarios without the park inspector. See our article How To Kill The Park Inspector.

As is true outside Campaign scenarios, if you have Soaked! installed it is possible to use Soaked! content in Vanilla Scenarios, and if you have Wild! installed it is possible to use Wild! content in Vanilla and in Soaked! Scenarios.